Monday, March 18, 2013

Rainy days

The miracle post arose out of a few days of unsettled-ness by Gaz as physically he felt better. This meant he had the energy to start thinking and re-thinking his situation. And really if you think too much about it it is bizzare. I often feel I am in constant conflict as I feel grateful and appreciative daily to be in a place I don't actually want to be in. I don't want my husband to be here, I want him at home but I want him at home in his old self. I want Gaz back as he was and so does he.
As he is now, here is best and he is comfortable and able to maintain his independence. I can take breaks when needed. Go for a walk. Pop to the supermarket or town. None of that would be possible if we were at home.
Living in each day mindfully is good. But occasionally the bigger picture sneaks in and disrupts things.
We went to the ID fashion show and managed to stay for the first half which was awesome. We got crew passes and a great spot on the platform at the beginning. Hana was walking for NOM D and she was gorgeous. She looked so cute. I got some blurry photos which I will post. I need to post a few photos of  things today. A nice rainy day is a good excuse to do so.
So while I talk about peace which is here there are still very real moments of fear and uncertainty which we work through sometimes daily. It isn't always easy.

Here tis one blurry photo of my darling girl

Just saw a gorgeous picture of her in todays ODT. Hip Hip..check it out

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  1. Hey - you could get one of those photos printed off from the ODT. How amazing to get to see part of that show AND have your daughter in it. A roller coaster of highs and lows eh.


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