Saturday, January 29, 2011

Almost Thai

Just ate a delicious dinner, I am liking the simplicity...
Lamb steak cut into strips and browned
added in some
Red Onion bulb and greens from my garden-sliced
Garlic finely chopped
and sautéed it
zest of a lemon and two kaffir lime leaves(from my garden...yaahh)
sprinkle brown sugar
dash fish sauce
A chopped yellow chili (little guy was quite hot!)
some lime juice and some water to simmer
then maybe a couple Tbs of peanut to be Pics peanut butter it's the best.
Finished it off with some coconut milk and chopped fresh basil yes you guessed it from my garden..YUM
Served it with some some Organic brown Jasmine Rice
And steamed cabbage(from the exciting to be picking and using stuff...mmmmmmm.
Topped off with a good dose of Jon Foreman on the stereo.
At the moment my Garden is just starting to produce again..I have been a bit out with my planting with going to Samoa and Gary's Surgery.So some things have grown and some things just looked pretty..not many bees around.
I am snacking on carrot thinning's, Baby runner beans, spinach, new spuds, basil cherry tomatoes, zucchinis,cabbage ,red onions nothing in huge abundance but enough.
Coming on is more brassica, corn , pumpkins that get larger daily.

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