Sunday, January 16, 2011

For today

it is the orange and yellow glow of the marigolds in my vege garden. These can be picked out against all the plants grass and trees that darken as the black arrives.

 I like the peace of my studio in the evening when the light is traveling elsewhere and the colours outside don't make sense.The top fingers of macrocarpa are swaying lightly with wind and my chickens are well silent.
The rest of the day passed with housework, reading, district nurse visits, food prep.
Gary feeling sad and yucky..struggling with loss of mobility and the dependence on me again.
Some days I feel like I am trying to turn a hot water bottle inside out. Today wasn't one of them, but that thought is there.
Sue and I shared two corresponding thoughts about living was a boost to share with her and have my picture validated..will write this story tomorrow

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