Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Today was definitely an inside out hotty day. Gary sad and muddled in the morning and I didn't know what to do or what he needed. The dog had to be taken to the vet and I had to leave early. This wasn't a good thing and Gary got stressed.
We have since worked out that I need to be around in the mornings until he feels better. Its good to feel some sense of order..things change all the time.
I bumped into Annie and we discussed flowering Pohutakawa's and how ducks paddle. She likened life to a dance and I said that I am not a very good dancer..I am too clumsy. I also said I need a Dance teacher and we are working on that.

Today I bought

A pill organizer
some bifidus yogurt
Organic apricots
and Kumara
Irish moss because I was at the chemist and its a must
Vanilla bean ice-cream for gary's sore throat
a new hotty, old-fashioned pink
anti-inflammatories and valium for the dog (sounds handy)
ginger beer
organic chicken pieces and a fragrant bunch of cilantro


  1. I just remembered I made up a chart (how school teacher like)each session to list my chemo anti nausea pills on - then I would tick off when I had taken one - because you forget if you have taken them or not.
    We got some ginger beer for Gary too! Will drop it round another day.

    Oh I remember a cool song you used to play when your girls were small...about things you wish for them...'the feet of a dancer'

  2. Lynn! It is remarkable that a girl just through chemo has got such a good memory.Nothing wrong with your brain chick! I loved that song,I just ran upstairs to have a listen on itunes..and I cried it was so good.Thank you for the reminder.
    Feet of a dancer by Maura Oconnell

  3. Feet of a dancer by Maura O'connell


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