Monday, January 17, 2011

I also gardened and moved wood and read some more

small stones for me today are the ones that lie on paths at night in fairy tales and light the way for travelers lost in the woods. The everyday stories that can be be held lightly and make sense of oddities that occur..the inside out hotty days. Lynn my friend who is in a different cycle of treatment for breast cancer and her husband came around today. Gary and Lynn chatted about about what was helpful and what was working from oxygen and exercise to hypnotherapy for tension. Chris and I had a glass of wine ( I also fitted in a corona).
It is a funny thing that cancer is so very commonplace now..that a part of me feels I shouldn't talk about this as it happens all over and I shouldn't make a fuss and the other part is the horror and disbelief and surrealism  that goes with it.
Gary and I both find that we look to movies and stories to describe how things are to others who ask us questions that require a fresh perspective. Today I am Sam in lord of the rings and it doesn't feel like a cliche..although it should - the bit where he's carrying Frodo up mountain and his feet are bloody..I am looking forward to the giant eagles at the end.
I said in my last post I would talk about an experience my sister-in law and I shared was good. It is a tricky one to put into words as it is one of things that you experience and 'know' and words cannot  make sense of it unless they are told to someone who also knows.
I shall try.
The third day I went to the hospital, I walked into Gary's room and I sat down and out my hands on him and was drawn into prayer. I was praying for healing for him and asking God to help. When I put my hands on people in prayer I sometimes see pictures..At times I think it is because I am visual and this is how I think, at others time I know they they are from somewhere else.This time I saw all these wee men in overalls inside gary giving me the thumbs up..they seemed to be more concerned with the wound sites than anything else..and an image of tadpoles around vegemite came up. I wasnt led to any dark areas.
My next image as I asked for light and healing in garys body..was a little startling..a mens urinal.It was a shiny stainless steel with a continuous water sheet running over it..I tried to change the image to something more aesthetically pleasing like a waterfall..but the urinal was fairly persistent...After I took my hands off Gary and sat with him I thought about what urinal does and how it is a continuous flush and washes waste away. I am starting to recognize when these images mean something when they stay with me and nag at my head.
I shared this image with my Sue and she said she was praying at home and got scripture about living water and saw it washing through Gary and cleansing him.
When she said this the image made sense I just didn't have the words to grow my picture.but when Sue said that it was very affirming.And very cool:-)...I have to admit I get thrill when Gods speaks and I have actually heard.
So now I am going read all I can on living water..nice to have some homework again.


  1. Enjoyed our visit so much, and the delicious cup of tea you made me. (I'm a bit like that blackbird, I know where to turn up for nourishment!) Pretty tired today after spending last night reading into the small hours. Your new book on art journals and healing is such a find - so many honest stories and such creativity.

  2. Isn't it good I thought of you when I bought're workbooks were always full pages like that.On special upstairs at UBS a christmas pressy to myself.
    I find it surprising in a way that it feels new and is inspirational as it sits so much alongside what we do anyway...but its different and its fun and yet again surprising.It was nice having you guys around too, Gary appreciated your support and information.


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