Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Journal - a visual journey I guess.My life feels more trippy.

Lynn sent me a blog that is recording small stones..pieces of daily writing. For anyone one interested here is the link. http://ariverofstones.blogspot.com/
I need a bit of encouragement to follow thru on things that light me up at the moment.My creativity is getting smaller but more manageable each day. I have started a journal..which seems to be an extension of the art school visual diary and scrap-booking as I am cutting and pasting words and images from magazines.
I am trying different ways of expression on the page as I particularly like drawing and scribbling with colour ..ooohh and don't forget glitter..but it is good to try different materials in order to break certain patterns or rhythms.
I am finding journalling satisfying in the sense that if I do something in my Visual Dairy I feel it then needs to be something else..turn into a painting or textile piece and if I don't complete it there is sense of failure.But with a journal each page is a work in itself and it can be altered added to or torn out and it all works.And I can write and stick it down and see it..I love this. Words and pictures my favourite.
As Gary heads into Chemo this week..small projects seem sensible.
I am going to do my CAP course this year,,return to nursing and IDT and somehow hopefully these things will merge..cutting and pasting paper seems a good thing to learn.

So my small stone for the day is a reflection on a Quote out of Anne Lamotts book Bird by Bird.
It has guided me through so much. I find it visually a very appealing image.
Annes younger brother when they are children is sitting at the Kitchen table with a history assignment in front of him. There are one hundred birds to catalogue and write about. He is feeling rather overwhelmed and his Father puts his hand on his shoulder and says 'Bird by Bird Buddy,just take it Bird by Bird.

I am sitting at my desk drinking out of My bird by Bird Cup which I bought in Christchurch when Gary was having surgery.Out my window are blackbirds, Thrush, sparrows and finches eating all my raspberries and currents, they are sneaking under the netting. They seem very intent on nipping all soft green bits of plants as well.
My chickens are glaring balefully at me thru their wire.I am only letting them out in the afternoon now once they have laid..they are a bit grumpy.
It time for me to stretch my wings and grab a garden fork.

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