Friday, January 28, 2011

home again home again jiggity jig

Well we set off for Otematata today, car packed, dog tucked under the seat and one small thing to do before we left..check out Gary's arm.
 It has a red raised area..lump like, and it felt warm and with all things like this now as his body cant fight back we have to be vigilant.
Popped into A and E.. hahaha no such thing as 'popping' down there..four hours later two very tired people left Dunedin hospital and we drove home.
The staff were great, very efficient and thorough,it just took a while to be seen by the oncology registrar and do all the paper work required..good grief the Paperwork could cover the Vatican.
He had fluids and IV antibiotics and they were getting ready to settle him in for the night when I very clearly and out loud said ' no I don't think so'.
The registrar was quite surprised and thankfully seemed amused as I explained that 'that' wasn't happening and we felt ok with going home and that I was happy to sign anything required and no I didn't feel worried and yes I would bring him straight back in if any problems arose and yes I would be VERY vigilant.
And yes I would get him antibiotics and watch him take them even though I questioned the necessity of them and growled that they would make Gaz feel yucky and he didn't need any more yucky!
I dont think many people say no down there and I don't think many people want to go home.There is dark attraction to the idea of Hospital..all the drama and the story that comes out of it.the possibility of new pajamas and a bunch of flowers..all very seductive really.And once upon a time in a far way land I might too have thought like that...but not now.The prospect of home is true.
Young Emily Haile wrote a poem on my fridge when we holidayed in Ote over new year..I liked it so much, I thought I might have to chop her hands off.

here it is

she wrote a yellow answer
you follow time like rain
start each day with home

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