Tuesday, February 1, 2011


A red admirals wings
on sky blue agapanthas
the stamens of a waxy lemon
coloured lily
wobbling with sea breeze
and bees on banks of dandelions.

Highlight for the day was cleaning out my sons schoolbag in prep for returning to school.He is away and back late tonight so no chance he was going to do it.
It resembled a ratty nest and smelt like blue cheese.
Low light was discovering the egg thief..My new chooky is an egg picker. I caught her with shell on her beak and yolk down her front. Hmmmm.
Lots of housework and washing today-getting ready for next round of chemo.



and the animals were delighted

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  1. That Koru is pretty cool! Text of you need anything done at your house (like telling off the egg snacker) while you are in at the hospital.


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