Thursday, February 3, 2011

2rd Day Chemo

Gary coping better this time,using good strategies to get through this lot. The meds are more sorted as well and he is sleeping at far we are feeling our way cautiously but I am feeling more encouraged.
Great having Zac home from parachute he loved it and especially liked Louis great he enjoyed a speaker as well as music. He's growing up.
Concrete slab is looking great to see the walls go up woohoo.
Thats all for today folks a little tired.

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  1. From the time looks like you weren't sleeping through the night! Chemo is trial by fire - so glad that there is some improvement in the meds. The DEX steroids keep you awake, as well as giving the munchies, so just when you want to be resting part of you is all wakey wakey. Hey, a trade me score, 50 zips for a few bucks. What to make, what to make???!


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