Friday, February 11, 2011

My Plan

in the coming week is to start showing and explaining what I am working on at the moment.
Also I am going to photograph and write about two projects; the one I am working on and one from Art school which I didn't complete called the 'Square metre project '. Its a tool for research, planning, and designing work. A really good starting point if and when you get 'stuck'.
PLUS I am going to photograph some of my friend studios which are just gorgeous and so inspiring.

I am asked all the time what I am doing at the moment..painting wise and the truth is..I started a painting the week before gary got diagnosed last year and I havnt touched it since. He has been my creative project and there hasn't been time for much else.The progression of treatment and care for Gaz has been very relentless. His body has been through the mill repeatedly.
The kids have been off school now for three months and have been in the house with friends and boyfriends in tow.Lots of gardening and house and lots of kind friends and
So in the midst of all of that my ability to concentrate for long periods and achieve big works has been greatly reduced.

I have started Journalling. And its fun. I have always had a visual diary ever since I first started art studies..but the problem for me with this book is that I sketch out ideas for work or paintings and then I don't complete so it becomes accompanied by a small sense of failure.
Whereas with a journal each page becomes complete in itself and if something else comes from it well thats great but it doesn't matter.
I have found some good books and sites which I will post next with pictures from my journal, be warned they are very basic. I thought this was a good thing as I would like to teach this and encourage people to do it and I think it is good to see all levels and stages of progression.So I shall expose my soft underbelly in the next wee while..any comments and advice welcome. More on this soon and photos..yaahh.:-o

Seaton Rd news
Gary is coming through this week well. We have both been quite tired and it has been good to just puddle around. He has been on Dexamethazone post-chemo this time for longer and it has helped with sickness food and energy levels.
My new chicken has been behaving and having a wander out of her cage and nibbling grass with the other chooks. She is quite cute.The other one is still broody so will sort that soon.
Garage hopefully up in the next week or so,Gary and I getting excited about storage options in the house and yard and a new blip on the shed outside, for a studio space for me. Will free up inside coming into winter again when our house starts to feel smaller.
Zac back at school, girls start on monday..routine again..Very nice!


  1. Hey I hope you photograph my studio. That is after I have had a little warning so there can be a little 'cleaning up and arranging nicely'!! I have always admired your visual diaries, I love the way your paint work shows the energy from your hands. Of course often people say you can see the mark of the maker in an art work, but with your work I can feel it as well. Something digs in and then that tickles me inside as well as pleasing my eyes. Just for the record to anyone else reading this - no, not in a kinky way!!

  2. lol you are first up,pleased you have read my blog and are onto it.:-D

  3. Hey I have tentatively started my blog, hope you become a follower. I need to spend some time on the design of it but thought i would never start if i didn't just start - too indecisive with all the colour/design choices! So my plan for the sort term is 'transition tasks', ahh, I feel so much better now I have given mucking around a 'serious' name.


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