Thursday, February 17, 2011

Square metre project ..more coming soon

Something I found on u-tube


  1. He sure loves his square metre doesn't he. What great filming of the little bugs. BTW I saw some gorgeous bug brooches in the Palmerston design store today - they were made out of spoons - the curved bowl part of the spoon was cut in half and spanned out like wings. Nice. Are you going to make your square metre an outdoor space?

  2. Not sure,I just liked his intense devotion to the site. And I love Bugs.
    I found my old project sheet and I got Dave McLeod to write something about it ,I was going to get cracking this week but it was sunny and I got the garden planted instead. But next week its meant to be rain into it.
    Am enjoying the journal stuff,my wee brain is ticking over with possibilities.


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