Friday, May 24, 2013

Electric blankets Moggies and heat-pumps

Thinking about things that comfort. I am typing in bed with Spacey the faithful curled up beside me purring and demanding pats. I put my electric blanket on when I got up this morning and are now tucked back in bed defrosting my feet. Have just been researching heat pumps.

The sun is out for the first time in a week and I am thinking breakfast rugged up on the veranda might be nice. I have had my cup of tea but have been puddling around on the computer and havnt yet eaten.

The tui perched up on the tip of the Rowan tree this morning with his clear clear song lifting the spirit of my yard. Thinking I will organize some sugar water soon to entice them all year round.
One of our smaller gums fell across PBO road two nights ago. I thought the dog was snoring really loudly but when we turned the tele off we realized it was chainsaw (11pm).Never a good sound at that time of night.
I am pleased no one was injured, I am pleased it was a small gum but also regretful as I am fond of the trees. I went and investigated in my pink dressing gown with my blue puffer and blue crocs..I looked particularly delightful. I did think at the time that the policeman who was there had probably seen plenty worse. I got them to leave what they could on the bank so I can scavenge it. Not too much left but some. I need some chainsaw lessons now. Youtube?

Yesterday the delightfilled Fifi came to visit. She got me to soak my feet in a bucket with an orange and lemon chopped up. It was heavenly - truly,  y'all should try it. Smelt great and I could squish the fruit with my feet and more citrus floated up. She then massaged my feet for a long time. It was so good..I tucked up on the couch with a rug and rested while Fifi did her magic.
For my 21st Gary bought me a sun-catcher, Its a wee sun with rays over a blue sea. It is hanging in my bedroom window and at the moment is reflecting half moon and circle shapes of  light over my ceiling. In these tiny spaces are scribbles of tree branches..their shadows - small airy movements. Its a song without sound.


  1. Oh so it was your tree! Chris said he heard the commotions of traffic being redirected and thought a tree must have gone down in the relentless rain. I missed it all - slept through it. That foot massage sounds divine - lovely idea the citrus bath.

  2. Hi Kat, I know this is late but I wanted to send you a message. For some reason I thought of Gary today - no idea why, I just did. I knew he was sick, Phil had told me when I ran into her a few months back. I contacted Dev today through work and he filled me in and sent me a link to your blogs. I am so deeply sorry for your loss and that this note is a month late. I have some fabulous memories of hanging out with you guys and Phili in Dunedin in the 1980s, at the flat in Herriot Row and going to gigs in a few smokey Dunedin pubs, various fabulous costume parties and so forth. Such lovely memories. I just wanted to send you a whole bunch of hugs and lots of love; to your beautiful kids and the rest of your family too. I sent you and Phili a message on Facebook, but am not sure either of you are reading FB at the moment. Gary was a great bloke, heaps of fun, a dry sense of humour and smart. There's no doubt he will be greatly missed. xxx Jill

  3. A photo of you in your pink gown and puffer would have been really appropriate for this post I think Kat!! Donna

  4. no photo best left to the imagination and then deleted. Hope you have a restful week planned before your busyness missy

  5. Perfect Kat - not ' perfect' but smilingly perfect. Now you don't need to follow the " powerade example" regarding consumption .


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