Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Feathered Friends

There were a number of people who commented on the Fantails that came for Gary. They perched up on the Power lines outside the hall as we were leaving for the cemetery and came down to the car and flew close.
About half an hour before I went down to the hall I looked outside my kitchen window because I could hear Fantails cheeping and there were two of them in the Kowhai tree. I thought 'oh there they are, they have come for Gary' but the thought didn't stick until I was at the hall and they called out to me and let me know in no uncertain terms that they were there.
This past week in my Garden I have had Bell birds and Tui's singing to me. I go out side and if I am distressed or talking about Gary down they come.
I have never seen them this close before.They perch right above my head on branches and sing and sing. And not just one but three sometimes more. The first time I had a friend with me who lived near the bush for a long time and is a Gardener by trade. She said she had never seen them do that. Very Disney.
I was talking to Dev on the phone and as we talked of Gaz a Tui arrived, perched close, sang then zipped right past my face in a rush of feathers. I was on the front Veranda.
 They have certainly distracted me and made me think. Gary loved the birds and in the last year turned into something of an expert on the ones in our Garden and their habits. He was particularly fond of Tuis and told me if it was possible he would visit as a Tui. I am not saying that I think thats what is happening, but I do think spirit can prompt things and its a comforting thought.
My nephew posted a question this week on Facebook asking what the Christian message of Hope means. I know the biblical version but may need to ponder on what that means to me at the moment. I know birds will be in there somewhere. What ever Hope is, its essential.

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  1. Kat, it is no surprise to read about the birds you've been seeing. Even though the physical presence is no longer here, the spirit, essence, aura or whatever you might call it, remains. When we scattered Pete's ashes at sea there was a sudden churning of the water and all of Pete's friends who know the ocean and the fish were amazed at the huge school of bunkers that was hitting the surface at that exact moment. To this day I still feel his presence and though it's not as often as time has passed, it is still as strong as ever when it happens. I know that you will feel Gary reach out to you when you are in need of strength or comfort. Peace.


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