Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday 28

Yesterday went well. Gaz loved being home, the cat was almost hysterical with happiness to have him home and spent the whole time on him purring and rolling around. Gaz very pleased to see her too.
It was another gorgeous hot day. Gary spent time outside on the couch and then napped in bed. We ate zucchini and tomato from the Garden and fried potatoes. Gaz pleased with home cooked food and ate up.
Today was a bit quieter.
Gary was sore and tired after the car trip home and was a bit restless in the night.
28 degrees down south. We lounged around in our new digs in our sarongs today. I popped out while Gary had a nap and did some chores for back to school. Getting Zach organized. He gets back from Parachute on Wednesday and it seems a long time away. We are both really missing him.
Hana popped in to give her dad some love..lovely to see her bright candle of a head nestled up with her Dad.


  1. hello there T's - not sure if I have already posted something (I am not too good at blogging), or if it got lost somewhere in internet world. Good to see you had a successful trip down the Bay and are enjoying 21sts and the sun. Just back from Bali tonight, and it is great to see the temperatures here are not so different (although thankfully not as humid). Will be in touch in the next few days Love R, C, E, and J XXXXX

  2. Glad to hear Gary got home for a bit of sunshine time, Portobello is pretty devine at the moment. Someone made the analogy to me once about the woman being like the mast in a ship and while I forget all the references like staying strong and moving forward let's just say you are doing a fine bit of masting Kat! Always adjusting your sails to make the best of changes in the wind directions. Should not have read your blog late at night, now I want to eat tomatoes!


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