Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday25th January 12.57

This is part of a letter I just wrote to someone so thought I would start my post with it.

" I am sitting here with gaz and its sunny and peaceful. Last night I slept for the first time .a few wakeful moments but overall good.I took a phenergan(anti-histamnine) and it helped.It is really good here.
An amazing process to get to where we are, Gary has made the decison as to where he wants to be.
He feels really peaceful with the decision made and is pain free(really he is) for the first time in three years. He is loving the hospice and the staff. They look after the whole family. It is very welcoming and they are very gentle and caring. It is a 5 star hotel with plus plus stars for care and compassion.
There are times I think well here we are and this is where we will live now and I feel that as Gary has stabilized that we could be here forever. Funny thoughts run through my head. Everyday has been different and from when we first came in, are getting better. Everyone here is getting to know gary and poor things... me. I slept last night in another room which was great for Gary too as we sleep differently. Again part of separating that I found so difficult but all part of the process. I am learning that I can trust others to take care of Gary well and its not all up to me. I am learning everyday.
Its a good place. Thinking of you two Love Kat "

Gary had a whizz about the place on a Mobility scooter today and loved the ability to be independent. He did exhaust himself  afterwards but enjoyed it.He was funny! every now and then he would crank it up to top speed and have a wee zoom.
It is quiet this morning and it feels great. I got completely overwhelmed by people and visitors and the publicness of our bedroom being filled with people all the time. It is who gary is and so important to him but again another learning curve for me. At times I have just had to nod and leave as I feel exhausted. As I sleep more I will come right.
I went home yesterday and watered tomatoes, cleaned my darling sons room (ha!) and did other chores washing etc. The cats have gone feral..they will come right, I cant help that.They are well fed but no company and Spacey gazza's super furry purry puss had pats from him on the couch every day. 
Aunty Heather here for lunch.
Zach is up at Parachute which feels really good and these images came in from Tim who put his super heroes costume on and drove Marco and Zach up there.


  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date Kat. I've left Michael and the boys fishing up at the Rangitata River Mouth. I hope Heather gave you and Gary a massive hug from us. Donna XX

  2. :-) Heather here now sitting in Sun with Sue eating lunch


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