Wednesday, January 30, 2013


0845 and our duck friend has just arrived for her breakfast. Meant to be 25 degrees today and we are planning another trip home. Hana and Zach are coming. Gaz and I both slept without sleepers which is great. So nice to wake up with a clear head. I had my cherry Juice and lots chamomile tea before bed and that did the trick.
Gary's Oncologist popped in last night which Gaz really appreciated. So many goodbyes.
On Garys mind this week was his decision about no more treatment, as he had been approved for Pazopanib. He made the decision when he was acutely unwell in hospital and there were no viable options that would improve his quality of life. The drug was finally available but too late for Gaz as it became too risky.
As he has stabilized, the question of this drug has bubbled up amongst the peace and Gary has been talking it through. His oncologist validated Garys decision not to take it all over again as the side effects are many and unknown and Gary cannot at this stage handle any side effects.
He is enjoying his days at present and wants to keep it that way.
I can hear the waters of the Leith and a man digging in the garden outside. A clunk of metal against the ground.

I bought a book of 150 New Zealand love poems from UBS and we are enjoying reading them to each other. I highly recommend it.
There is a lavender Garden here filled with bumble bees and tangerine Roses.The bees get so drowsy they spend alot of time collapsed on the ground. You have to watch where you are stepping.

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  1. Wow you guys have a lot on your minds....but so nice that you are choosing some memorable and peaceful things to do together. xxx


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