Thursday, January 31, 2013

Indian Summers

I have been thinking about the term Indian Summer and I looked it up.
 One definition said a burst of unseasonal heat and warm balmy days following a hard frost. Thats what it feels like being here. 28 degree days all week and calmness with Gary after an acute and terrifying time.
A thought that lurks at the back of my head is ' Winter is coming' .
We watched Game of Thrones' on Soho last year and Gary read the series after that. It was set in a time where summer had being present for a very long time and winter was beyond an enormous wall that protected the kingdom. Everyone knew that the summer couldn't continue and constant reference was made to the fact that winter would eventually come and what a winter it would be.
Gary asked our rather lovely night nurse last night about how it would be for him in his final days. He had fears of being a fish out of water (his words) and wondered how things were managed. Our very calm nurse talked Medication and symptomology with Gaz and he was much reassured. He will talk to the doctor further today to get more of an understanding about it. He wants to be able to explain to his children to reassure them.
We wake between two and three every night and chat. Its a lovely quiet time, Gary usually gets his middle of the night pain meds and then we sleep til 7.
Home, yesterday was good. Gaz loved it.
It is a bit of Gypsy caravan when we arrive with all the oxygen stuff and meds etc but it works out.
I cooked him whitebait fritters with whitebait that my Dad and Gary caught, a fresh tomato from the glasshouse and some potato from the garden, plus a Peroni which he eyed up and flogged off me.   Little Little but tasty and he ate it all up.
He was on a bit of a mission to get some stuff tidied up and managed to achieve what he set out to. No surprises there.


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