Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jan 27th

Lovely morning here again.Warm sunny,perfect breeze. Gaz having a shave then a shower.We had a good nights sleep with a little help from our chemical friends. I am back in the room with Gaz, didnt really work out being apart. Nice to wake together. Always the best part.
The bell bird is singing outside our room and their is a very friendly duck that we have been feeding.who knew they could eat so much.I fed him 6 slices of Gluten free bread the other day and she didnt hold back. Eek my stomach would ache for hours.
We are planning on a wee drive home today for a few hours. So looking forward to that. Taking the dog to remind him that he is our dog and we are his people. His new home is rather spectacular and I am worried he may not want to come home. Gary is keen to lie on the couch and pat Spacey. I know she be very pleased with that.
Lunch plan is veggies from the garden and then back here this afternoon.
Lots of prayer whoever is reading this for an uneventful and successful trip.
Happy birthday to Arihana and Fay xxxxxxx


  1. Hi Kat thanks so much for letting us know how You both are. We are sending all our love and prayers over. Australia Day has gone really well with us spending the weekend with friends in Anglesea on the Bellarine Peninsula.
    We hope the trip home is successful and gives Gary some pleasure and a little peace.
    Love and hugs, Frank & Eilleen xx

  2. Hi my friend,

    I'm reading your blog and wanted you to know how good it is to be able to hear about you from your blog. I hope your trip home was lovely and not too difficult. I heard something beautiful today about a woman in angel training. Thought of you and Gary. Again and always sending my heartfelt love. xoxoxo Ruth W.

  3. thanks:)
    Nice to read your comments.
    That is very sweet Ruth I am not sure about that. .I just like being near Gary, He makes it very easy.xx Pleased you are here easier for me than texting.


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