Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lighthouse Studio

So I went to my my friend Lynn's studio yesterday and had such fun photographing her gorgeous space.
The hardest part was editing.

Lynn said to me that recently she had experienced feelings of unworthiness because she wasn't a surgeon-(this came from significant time spent in hospital).
When she told me I laughed out loud because it is so outrageous and because I recognized the statement. It was a laugh or cry moment.
I thought If lynn was a surgeon there would be a lot of perfectly mended people out there but the world would have less beauty, unless she was a plastic surgeon.
Check out her blog


  1. You are such a great photographer (as well as many other things, like friend, artist, cook,) Kat. I love seeing my studio through your eyes!

  2. YOU are too kind! I think I need a couple of fuller room shots.I was heading towards that when my camera snuffed it.I will get a couple quick quick when next you are free and add them in.

  3. Good idea - then it will show there is the sewing room and the print room too.

  4. What a fun, fantastic space! It oozes creativity

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  6. Hey thanks for all the positive comments..really encouraging.:-)


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