Thursday, March 3, 2011

Journal Pages

These were my first pages.
I started with writing as I needed to start somewhere and make marks on the page.Words seemed the way to go to quickly get into the middle of where I wanted to start.
Then I coloured in.
It turn's out Sunflowers are the flower for Synovial Sarcoma
This page I tried a different technique of just chopping stuff for magazines and seeing what came up.The most interesting thing for me was the the result.
I was very aware of the process of image selection and what that meant, but as I chopped and pasted the page took on a life of its own.
I started with numbers as that was what was at the forefront of my thinking and ended up chopping out clocks.
I found all the shiny magazine paper ugly, the colour's jarred and the clocks annoyed me.
I stepped back and asked myself exactly what I thought of the picture I had created. My response was that 'I found it ugly', so I wrote that down and then asked myself; why then did I create it? and I realized that the ugliness had a purpose.
My next response was that I wanted to stop all clocks and go back. I had been dreaming of my old house and when the kids were small and life seemed very simple.
The hands on the clock,s on this page, are fixed time units.

paper dolls-our friends and family supporting us with love

I havnt added any words to these pages yet..Do they need them?

I photocopied Frida and Diego and scribbled over the paper. I chose this because post chemo it feels like when I had new babies home.All the fear, uncertainity, newness and dependence.

These pages are not quite finished ,but I wanted something on my blog.


  1. I think words are not needed on these pages. They are such powerful images.

  2. Dear KAT, thanks for the lovely comment you left at Tastes Like Home.

    Ummmm, about following, I think that you can just add my URL to your blogger widget or just click on the RSS feed button in your browser when you are on my site to subscribe to the blog's feed.

    Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

  3. Kat, your images are amazing and gut wrenching all in one. I hope the journaling helps.

  4. What a fantastic collection of is fantastic to be able to process life through some form of art...thanks for sharing some of your journey.


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