Saturday, March 12, 2011

Flat Fish

I have been a little flat in the last wee while and havnt had the energy to even think about posting anything-this requires a small amount of energy but mine is somewhat dissipated.
I have been researching Art Journalling on-line which has been great as I am working out what it is I am saying in relation to this.
There are awesome sites out there- see links below.


And check out the recommended blogs at the side..lots of juicy ideas there

My sister has been down in the last week with her family..always good to see them. And again our house is under going more structural changes. Extra garages, upstairs is getting dormer windows and a hopefully a new studio space for me.
I decided to draw a flat fish(A flounder ) in my journal as that was how I was feeling.I had started one a few weeks back and hadn't finished it and realize that these feelings are cyclic and to do with the chemo cycle and where Gary is.
My drawing looked very unappealing and my eldest daughter helped me get unstuck as she put it.
 How cool is that getting taught by your kids? ..I love it. I chose a picture of a Picasso flounder..which I thought ironic as my art is flat and so am I.
Reciprocity is so important in a relationship, It is so hard for Gary at the moment dealing with what he has to deal with there isnt any energy left for me, and no room for me to be flat or tired. I tend to get snappy or withdraw in order to recoup.
Our lives revolve around this.
This Cancer stuff is very relentless, I think I am able to be more expressive as we are half way through this Chemo. Praying that its the first and last and Gary continues to be a miracle.

Things I did this week to pick myself up
Started writing about what I want to do and faced hard writing things, so they are not pressing on my mind.
Lots of researching. Enjoyable plus essential
Tidied my painting shed and thought about  'picture possibilities' that are achievable.
Called in and saw a friend this morning and had coffee post the market which was great.
Did some mediation and some reading.

I will photograph Lynns space through my eyes this week.But until then heres a link she has started blogging yaahh.

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  1. I love the fish! Looking forward to you coming round with the camera, Monday 21st would be good - or over the weekend. Just give me two minutes warning so I can whip round with the feather duster, or at least get dead flies of the window sills.


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