Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Holy Colander

Last week I decided to make mondays my blog day as long stretches were passing without alot of input from me.
Well as it has turned out it is now wednesday and I am finally doing what i said I would.
I have done some good things for myself though.
Years ago I bought a book which has sat on my shelf unread. Julia Cameron's 'The Artist Way'. This week I started reading it.
I decided that I need to start practicing what it is I say, I want to do..which is teach or inspire creativity, using the process of Art Journalling among other things.
The research I have been doing on-line is great. But, I have come to realise that the way I see it being done is slightly different than what I am coming across on line.
So I need to sort out what it is exactly I am saying and doing.
Part of that process is to follow other people courses and recommendations - I think I need to try as many as possible to get an idea.
I have to say I am enjoying Julias book. I listened to short talks by her online today and they were great.
Her key recommendations are the morning pages, an artist date and walking.
These things I worked out for myself whenI was in my last year of Art school.
I wrote whatever in the morning.Went for a walk and took myself on Adventures.It all worked .
It is a timely reminder to do it again.
The way Julia puts it is more organized and clearer and specific ,she also outlines specific results.


  1. Ah yes the artists date - I remember that idea now - such a goody. Glad you photographed the sunset - i thought about it!

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