Saturday, September 21, 2013

Seed Bombs

My sister gave me a ball of clay last year that was packed with seeds.
The idea is to biff it out of the car window, as you tootle along and a spattering of flowers will grow where the ball lands.
Last night I got muddled with my words and I used the word Encouragement Bomb to describe something.
My friend twigged and said 'oh you mean Random Acts of Kindness'  and yes thats what I was thinking of,  but I am quite taken with the idea of an encouragement bomb.
To place courage in someone like wildflowers -  that will spring up year after year and regenerate clay banks - stop slippage, feed birds, bees and provide beauty.
So all you gardeners out there, redress your selves in your encouragement bombing outfit and go forth and sprinkle some seeds. x

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  1. What an absolutely fabulous idea...may make great Christmas gifts.....we could all be human encouragement bombs to that would be radical leaving a long lasting effect of something we have said or done. xxxx

  2. hey Bron I hope you read my response to you on the last post as you are a great encouragement bomber.


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