Friday, September 20, 2013

Paradigm shift

This week is coming to an end with the phrase Paradigm shift echoing in my head. Still thinking on that one. I remember being at Art school when the phrase was popularized.
This week - thinking and worlds within worlds shifted slightly in our household. Beautiful collisions in retrospect.
There is some talking and there is some listening from the kids and from me. It isn't a lightening strike change but more of an awakening and a settling all at once. Some good soul work has been done.
I was going to write again about weeping - that hasn't changed. I thought about the nature of it, its purpose, but mainly just wept and got on with life.
I read a comment on Anne Lammots blog from this woman who would find herself sobbing in her husbands clothes and then be able to go out and get the mail and answer the phone and that is how it is. We go on and we function and the tears become part of our daily fabric along with salty skin.

Yesterday I managed a bike ride and sawed all the branches of the tree that fell in the wind. It felt great  to move my much quieter, I have planted a few things and are looking forward to a bath (poor muscles).
The pear is coming out in all its blossom glory and I am trying to write to write a letter of intent for Art Therapy, I can talk it up and talk about it and write to myself all the good words but when it comes to formalizing intent I have a slight resistance. I am paying attention and working on that. Its not about the work..maybe the money to be spent (of course). I am the only one to give permission and I am ultimately responsible..whew.
And the travel, which I will actually enjoy but the leaving home and being by myself..doing this alone.I have always travelled with Gaz.
Permission and courage to do what I want and what I need to do.
I heard someone say ( on tele :-) 'if you aren't scared you aren't sticking your neck out far enough'
Well my neck is like a long necked goose..Honk


  1. Thanks for sharing the honesty of your journey. xxxx

  2. nice to see you pop up. I have been enjoying the colourful nature and busyness of your blog lately. It is very full. I am appreciative of your comment on many levels. Its been such a huge week, too much to share but the key words are honesty and courage in all ways and sometimes its so painful but we have to travel through it - otherwise remain stuck.x thanks for your encouragement. I came up with a new phrase yesterday I couldn't think what the name of something was and used the term 'Encouragement bomb' like those seed bombs you can buy.My friend said oh you mean random acts of kindness and yes that was what I was referring too. So you just did that..yaahh for you 'an encouragement bomber.'


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