Saturday, July 24, 2010

Its saturday and the boys are at soccer.The sun is shining which is good news as my painting studio is outside at the moment and it doesnt really work in winter if it is cold and raining. Spacerocket -our moggy is sitting besides me on the new bed I made for her, purring very loudly.She is wet from hopping in the shower for a drink.From her vantage point she can see all the birds in the garden -two black birds in the compost heap and my chickens who are scavenging around for tasty bits.
It is quiet.
Macca has gone to town for her young mans birthday and Hana is still sleeping.
It is a little miracle.
I think I will make a coffee and sit on the deck and watch the water for a bit before I start work.Its been a tough week emotionally.We went to Christchurch and talked to the surgeon.It was good to make contact,I think he was a bit startled by all our list patients.He was very patient. We came away fairly exhausted and have been recovering all week.
Love is abundant in the house and lots of Joy amongst all the Sad

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