Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I am publishing this painting at its beginning, so I can see its progress. To teach me and anyone else who is interested. So far I've just sketched it out and coloured. Looking forward to it... and sideways at it.
I have also started some Angel and garden pictures for my nephews Art Fundraiser. They are all a good distraction.
Gaz is healing well from surgery and has been out in the yard with my Dad working. There are diggers and mud. Huge trucks with zig-zag wheels that cut up the ground. There is alot of bare space where before, was trees.
Next week Gaz starts Radio therapy. We also have an appointment in Christchurch to see Mr Beadle about the next lot of surgery.
Presently we are planning some planting, some good healthy ways to fatten Gaz, lots of reading of good books and rest.(and some painting..)We are finding 'Father Ted' very funny..who knew.Its a busy July.
We have been making jokes about being on the Starship Enterprize.It is interesting what happens in times like this It is not what you expect. It has been completely surreal which is where identifying with the Starship enterprise and theme parks starts..trying to find sense in a situation where there is no sense.At one point it felt like the cliche of a three ring circus and I found myself wondering what would be in all the rings.I spent the better part of 10 minutes thinking on this.There has been alot! of love and joy in amongst fear.
My man is beautiful.

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