Thursday, July 7, 2011

sewing and reaping

Today I

Sewed trousers orange and green for Irish night at the Ohau Lodge

orange tarten with a green stripy leg warmer..ooohhh eeerr

Cooked Barley and lentils for a salad dressed with lemon garlic and parsley ecetera ecetera for tea
Washed clothes..4 loads worth
Read into Corinthians
Watered Planted and picked in my garden
and thought about my favourite poem which I may have posted before

By Eileen Duggan

The Tides Run Up The Wairau

The tides run up the Wairau
That fights against their flow.
My heart and it together
Are running salt and snow.

For though I cannot love you,
Yet, heavy, deep, and far,
Your tide of love comes swinging,
Too swift for me to bar.

Some thought of you must linger,
A salt of pain in me,

For oh what running river
Can stand against the sea?

I love salt and snow together
Things that imply taste and smell and New Zealand
I like the how the rivers and mountains and sea are so close here and are so much in our hearts.

Last night the moon
was a fat quarter and lit up
the macrocarpas 
fringing them against the dark
a spanish shawl splayed
along the seams of our land


  1. I hope those fun trousers help you have a great night out.

  2. Thanks :-) we snowed hen we were there and was very pretty.Nice to get away from regularity.

  3. and I love the sewing you did for special, thank


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