Friday, November 12, 2010

Where the cat spends her day.She is very devoted.


  1. Good puss, knows how to pose for the camera too. Apparently a cat's purring can help reduce his owner's stress or anxieties and also boost the immune system. The measurable Hertz of a cat's purr lies between 25 and 150. 20 to 50 HZ have shown great promise in speeding bone injuries in human medicine. (OK, so I looked up those details on the net after Chris told me that Buddhists believe in the healing powers of cats purring.)

  2. That is so cool! Sue( gary's sister) and I think Pussy has healing ability. She is certainly very persistent and purrs loudly when on Gary all the time.She stalks him and is rarely away from him.It is funny he has felt a shift the first time if in the last few days and feels confident to move.And for the first time the cat was sleeping back in my art room .Just for a wee nap.I did wonder and made the connection between that and gary feeling better.He was still in bed ,so no sleeping pattern changes..just healing.She adores Gary.

    this is s a link to story I read a while ago...I quite like it:-)


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