Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gary's first outing

Well I decided with all the wisdom of a forty five year old that an outing would be a good boost for gary.He hasn't been anywhere apart from hospital and home for nearly four weeks.
Two days ago I spied some paradise ducklings down by the Portobello hall. (Literally two minutes driving)They are very cute.I decided an outing to see the ducks was in order and convinced Gary that this was a winning idea.We took some bread and off we set.
We pulled up..all ducklings resting and looking cute a parent duck guarding.
That all changed once we threw some bread.The ducklings became very animated and took off towards the bread the mother duck did a big heads up and charged after them..and then the seagulls arrived.The mother duck started quacking..the Father duck scrambled up the bank from the harbour charged across Portobello road(We were terrified there was going to be a duck death any second).He Quacked and quacked and chased the seagulls away from his babies and then as they circled close in again..he half flew at one of the seagulls, got it in his beak(again by the roadside) and gave it a proper send off-seagull feathers were flying everywhere.
I started stopping traffic freaking out about the chaos we had caused and finally the two ducks herded all their babies up and took them down to the harbour. I went back to Gary and and asked him if he wanted to go anywhere else... he decided going home was a good idea.

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  1. DRAMA! Those ducks are so cute. The ones in our bay didn't seem to produce any babies this year, I think , unfortunately, their nest in the cliff was disturbed by some trees coming out.


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