Thursday, October 17, 2013


Well after my well thought out post yesterday about holding it all together and being able to compartmentalise, I went to a study day today for work and completely lost it by lunchtime. It was a day of training around physical health and I just wasn't prepared for the indepth approach to heart and lung disease. I went up stairs at lunch time feeling really shaky, talked to a colleague, then went back down to class heard the words lung disease burst into tears and left the room. The very last thing I ever wanted to do. Made a noddy of myself and have been bawling off and on ever since. Cant really predict my days. I don't like to plan ahead for that very reason. Prefer spontaneous activity. I had a lovely colleague who sat with me and talked for a bit, after that and I managed to get home. Picked Zach up some drum skins , ones that dull the beat as the neighbours have had a meeting:-/. Headed out into my yard moved firewood and some dirt behind my shed.Beer and homemade wedges for tea.


  1. I love it when you write - the way you express yourself is so lovely and so real. Carrying your journal around is such a good idea - it is such a relief to write things down as you are thinking things, not have to wait until you have your book. And I love the pictures from your book, that's how I want mine to look, but alas, I am more of an artistic wanna be :) Thinking of you often

  2. Oh carol so nice to hear from you!. I stalk your blog but I figure you are getting on with being in life and that is your process at the moment, not writing. Not such a great need to communicate to all maybe.I am hopeful that this is positive sign for you all. I am pleased you liked my writing it is helping me see where I am going.Just finished another shift at work today(morning) and it went well,was nicely busty and just ticked over.Absolutely knackered now and have run a bath and lit the fire,poured some wine.There is lovely song by a kiwi artist Dave Dobbyn called pour the wine.I might put a link to it..I think you will like the lyrics.Love love


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