Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sri Lankan Pumpkin curry

This is all approximate as I am an intuitive cook and its hard to nail down amounts. Mostly just chuck in what you have if you havnt got it substitute.
I found fresh curry leaves, skinny eggplant and gnarly green chillies at the Indian shop on St Andrew st

Red onion - saute- two to three small or one large
add chopped garlic about four cloves
 fresh turmeric-grated, ( two knobs) or ginger about two inches and 1 tsp dry turmeric

Sri Lankan curry powder about two tablespoons maybe more to taste, I use a cross between Charmaine Solomons recipe and rick steins..basically roasted spices blended and a different flavour

add fresh tomatoes -maybe four big tomatoes in season or one can in winter-I use ceres
add four skinny eggplant cook for a bit before pumpkin so pumpkin doesn't break up..squash is yum too and hardly takes any cooking

I used about half a crown pumpkin skinned and chopped into pieces

at same time you add eggplant add a medium can of pure coconut milk..I used ayam because it is just coconut no fillers
fresh or dried curry leaves
squeeze lime or lemon to taste
1 tsp brown sugar
1 tsp salt or what ever you fancy
chopped green chillies or red fresh what ever you have
soak a handful cashew nuts for about half an hour .Drain most of water leave some and then puree and add to pot

I was thinking after that it would be good to grill the eggplant in the oven first, then add all in the pot at same time as the mixture has a tendency to stick on the bottom of the pot
if more liquid is needed add fresh vege stock or half a cube and some water I use the Rapunzel brand
Coriander on top at end and you could fry dried onions crisp. I added fresh limes chopped up last night as I like them to squeeze over the curry

just play with it..basic stock is the curry powder , coconut milk and tomatoes and then a little sweet and some sour

Kaffir lime leaves would also be good - shredded in and coriander root chopped in it..when I have plenty I do that


  1. Awwwwh, that's made me incredibly hungry for that chicken curry you concocted when you and Zac came up !

  2. Ever thought of hosting cooking classes? Donna

  3. thats something I am always encouraging other people to do.:-).I have been sad this week that I no longer have an appreciative audience for my food as Gaz loved my cooking and it made me really pleased to cook for him and I liked the appreciation he always showed. He knew it was important to me. I havnt been commenting lots on your facebook but have been reading and watching from afar. Its been fairly challenging lately.xnice to hear from must be nearly through Brave girl!


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