Monday, August 15, 2011

Portobello snowflakes

A selection of photographs taken by Wilson Bentley (1865–1931):

Think I might make some stamps

Monday, August 1, 2011

Cats eye snails

 I attended an Art/Faith Conference on Friday which was very good at Knox college.
Pen sketch of Jason G. Hope he doesnt mind...he was very absorbed.

I liked this Quote from a book by Bo Caldwell..

'We often wait for God with hope. Sometimes we must wait for hope and if we wait hope comes'.

I am going to write that down and pin it up.
My friend Jo spoke very eloquently about Allie Eagles work and ethos.

Poetry was at the forefront of most other speakers. I enjoyed thinking about other things and I love the Romantic poets so all in all it was quite juicy..GOOD speakers..lots of very big :-).Very entertaining.
I went to Wellington to stay with my sister and her family and completed the IDT foundation course, which was fantastic. I loved makes so much sense.

Very simple drawings are the thing - lines, squiggles, shapes and soft retsol crayons.

I caught up with my friend Caro and her gorgeous kids and man.They were staying in a farm house in Palmerston with more lovely gary and I had a extra-lovely afternoon with energetic children and wonderful parents..very refreshing.
The Garden thinks it coming and I been mulching and my chickens have been digging..hmmmm time to lock them up for a while I think.
My middle daughter Mackenzie left home and I cried a small river. I am pleased for her and proud of how well she is doing and her decisions..I know this is good..but my heart is sore.
I have posted my forms for Nursing school..CAP
This week is PLANNING AND PREP for..paintings to start ..canvas and board to prepare.
Some stitch work and some glitter oohhh eeerr looking forward to that.
IDT writing up and practice. Art Journalling..thinking about starting portraits.
and getting onto girls patchwork pieces

I just want to DRAW all the time at the moment. I am carrying my journal everywhere..any opportunity I am sitting down..out comes a pen or pencils.
This is a page out of a board book I am altering inspired by 21 Secrets Art Journalling..Teacher Gretchen Miller.
I realize its all backwards..BUT Photobooth is so good and quick!!! and it is now my new favourite thing.
The title of the blog post is how I feel at the moment I was wondering what my picture was for myself yesterday (and yes I did this before the IDT course) and I came up with one of those snails you find with the lovely blue catseye shell that sticks over the entrance to their home.I feel a bit like one of those snails.A big eye looking out at the world protecting the soft inner squashiness from hungry gulls

I swiped this off google..couldn't find a credit for it..sorry folks. Apparently it is a Turban snail.
There you go..have a great week y'all.