Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On me trying to up skill and make decisions on my future

"If we let ourselves we shall always be waiting for some distraction or other to end before we can get down to our work. The only people who achieve much are those who want knowledge so badly that they seek it while the conditions are still unfavorable. Favorable conditions never come."

~C.S. Lewis, "Learning in War Time", The Weight of Glory


''Dorothy Sayer's excellent essay, Toward a Christian Esthetic, published in Letters to a Diminished Church, Passionate Arguments for the Relevance of Christian Doctrine. In this wonderful essay, which deserves several blogs posts of its own Sayers explains the marks of a true poet or artist:

"A poet is a man who not only suffers the impact of external events but also experiences them (You only experience a thing when you can express it--however haltingly--to your own mind--also Sayers) He puts the experience into words in his own mind, and in so doing recognizes the experience for what it is. To the extent that we can do that, we are all poets. A poet so-called is simply a man like ourselves with an exceptional power of revealing his experience by expressing it, so that not only he, but we ourselves, recognize that experience as our own."

About the recognition of truth that we get from the artist's work she writes:

"I mean the recognition of truth that tells us something about ourselves that we had not been always saying, something that puts a new knowledge of ourselves withing our grasp. It is a new, startling, and perhaps shattering, and yet it comes to us with a sense of familiarity. We did not know it before, but the moment the poet/artist has shown it to us, we know that, somehow or other, we had always really known it."

Friday, April 1, 2011

More from my Journal

 I am doing a few of these 'I am good enoughs' They are going in my friend Marys shop. Watch this space ..I am photographing her studio soon.
They are small and powerful and they help, AND some of them are in glitter on rear vision mirrors,ooh aahhh

 Straight collage...'too many fish in my Sea..still to be written on
I was asked by someone to do a page or a couple of pages around the word HELP and these two pages were the result. It was such fun.
To Start...I had a journal entry I didn't like, so I ripped it out, but kept it because of some words on the back.  In the process of all of this I decided, I liked the ripping and thought maybe I could makes waves from the paper and so I did.
The fish came off a cool exhibition pamphlet from the Ray Hughes Gallery in Sydney, a Chinese Artist called Yang Jinsong. I love his work. If by some some very quirky reason he ever comes across this, I hope he doesnt pay me any mind. I have an exhibition catalogue of his so felt I could sacrifice a pamphlet.
Up in the left top corner there is a figure with its arms up trying to keep above water.

 This is when the connections became fun.When I was ripping up the page, some of the pieces looked like hills so I put them aside and they turned into my next page, and I thought they looked a bit like islands in the harbour so I stuck them in and then this song came into my head, so I wrote that on it. And then I realised that I had made mountains out of the waves that were threatening me..yaahh how cool is that.

I started off with these pages intending to follow through with the body theme I had started previously. I had decided that if I got stuck , it would be a good 'unsticker'.
 So; I was thinking about receptors in the heart that carry memory and I was thinking about input and export from the heart and I thought SPARROWS are needed here..because to me they are love and that is what keeps the heart pumping. So on the next page, I drew some sparrows. Then decided they needed a branch, so of course the Aortic branch extended. When I had finished, I sat back and thought  'Good Grief look at that'  I have copied MACKA. My darling clever daughter completed her 6th form folio last year and below is a picture I admired. So I am including this in here because it is good to acknowledge source and inspiration.
And I was blissfully unaware of what I had done until I had finished..so all good learning I think.

                                                    ART BY MACKENZIE TAIAROA

The Sound of Butterflies-Thanks Rachael

In my mail box today was this beautiful looking book which I am looking forward to reading! Lucky me.I am saving it for Easter (at least Im going to try to).
Check out Rachael's Blog http://soundofbutterflies.blogspot.com/

Sunrise and Fungi

I found this wee fungi when I was digging around on the clay bank it was just a wee ball. 
By the time I got it up to the house to Photograph it had started expanding and popping out of its home

 These little guys were popping up out of the pea straw

I was lying around photographing shrooms while gary was installing a water tank for our garage.Good job he did too.