Thursday, October 28, 2010


First internet access in a week.
Gary doing a bit better today.Ate dinner last night.Crim (his mate took him to the cafe for a drink today in A wheelchair..we are testing how much we can do..looking at going home early next week.Gary got motion sick in the good to know how much he can handle..we have had fantastic support up there...some of garys nearest and dearest friends..doing there share of handholding and comforting..(apparently Dev has nice soft hands:-).
I ma sitting here typing with the door open it is very warm today..I fed the birds garys porridge in the morning and I am watching the starlings clean it up.
Sue popped up yesterday and gave us a much needed energy boost..was great to see her.
I am missing my children,but pleased to have time to just focus on Gaz..its been Big.I have been doing some writing ..little bits inbetween. Very peaceful here.xx

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  1. Great photo, such good light. You two are warriors - astounding healers. Looking forward to a walk when you get back.


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